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        For me , I think i like sports , but I not go to do exercise in any time . excuse is busy working forever. I have time shopping , trip, and complaint .but i don't time to do sports. Until I find I don't have thin legs when dressing . I trust lost weight is important more than shopping . insanity workout in weekend , I always think Strengthen physical activity can lost more weight, I doesn't feels quite guilty , but Conversely, which is not scientific fitness workout. That is error .
      Article say , Seldom do insanity workout schedule , once strength increases, body can not adjust process, it will made up of many sports injury. After age 30, the physiological function of the rate of 1% down per year, Compare do exercise uaually people with occasionally fitness person, common in 35 years, Its body aging process differ 8 years from two person. LiuYuPeng said, exercise person, the body of function are in good working condition, if occasionally do insanity 60 day workout, might break balance, thus aggravating each joint wear, reduce the body organization function.



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       So proposal, weekend sports lover can best average assign sport time , each day even pick 10 ~ 15 minutes to sports. after meal , do a little exercise in a nutshell time, may make shaun t insanity trace being a chain link up. The most scientific and efficient way is take exercise every week 3 ~ Five times. So, exercise really improve physical ability, to enhance health .So , for scientific method , I cannot do insanity workout dvd in weekend . it's not worth .


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